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ESD Standing Comfort Mat

ESD Standing Comfort Mat

ESD Standing Comfort Mat

A) Product Name

ESD Anti Fatigue Rubber Foam Mat ( ESD Standing Comfort Mat )

B) Raw Material

Rubberised Foam

C) Purpose

Anti-fatigue Mat is suitable for assembly lines and other workplaces that require ESD / NON-ESD characteristics to reduce individual workers' fatigue from long-standing jobs.

D) Scope

Ideal for use in long-standing jobs, like home kitchens, restaurants, hotels, speaker stages ( Podium Stage ), Lecture Speaker stage ( Seminar ), cashiers,  exercise pads, receptions etc

E) Characteristics

1) Germ-proof formula with water, oil and chemical resistance. Resistivity readings at 10e6 ~ e9 ohm .

2) Rubberized Foam with specified gravity of about 0.2 g/cm³ and Hardness: 15 - 20 Shore C, Soft type.

3) Single layer closed Cell Structure Foam & Odour-less.

4) High shock absorption strength, anti-slip and soft-material characteristics by adding rubber properties to reinforce pulling and tearing strength.

5) Available in Black colour only

F) Specification

(1) ~17mm ( Thickness ) x 500mm ( Width ) x 900mm ( length ) ( include slope ) / pc , weight around 2 kgs / pc

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